Sea lion rescued off oil rig on Super Bowl Sunday is on the mend

After an oil rig employee off the coastline of Seal Beach noticed that one of the sea lions hanging around there had not been embarking on the rig and swimming about like the others, he began monitoring it.

After a couple of days of observation, he established the pet had grown weaker and also was noticeably shuddering.

On the 5th day — — Super Bowl Sunday — the guy, determined just as Hunter, phoned to the Pacific Marine Mammal Center in Laguna Beach asking to see if a rescue team can intervene.

The group was all set however rough seas and the range to the rig — — 11 miles from Newport Harbor — — meant the Zodiac normally used to transport rescuers wouldn’t work. So center vet Kristen Sakamaki called John and Rachel Stanaland, a Laguna Beach pair that offer with PMMC and have a 35-foot yacht that’s been used for elephant seals rescues.

“We had people over to watch the Super Bowl when Rachel got the phone call,” John Stanaland recalled. “We terminated our party and got on the watercraft within an hour.”

Sakamaki as well as the Stanalands got here at the oil gear within 30 minutes. As they neared, Seeker as well as another worker waved them to the packing dock. However the spinning waves as well as wind made getting close tough.

“The sea lion was resting on a platform neighboring and when it was go-time, Dr. Kris informed the individuals, ‘‘ You’re going to need to grab him with your thick handwear covers,'” Rachel Stanaland remembered today. “They scooped up the little baby as well as obtained a number of towels around him and threw him into a net we were holding. It was our only option.”

When the sea lion was aboard, the rescuers provided liquids and heated it with coverings.

Now named Deep Water Seeker, the male sea lion pup is being tube fed at PMMC but has started to consume on his very own. DW Seeker is just the 3rd sea lion ever saved by PMMC from an oil gear, though the center has actually been called for other occurrences, such as complexities and also injuries.

Rescues on oil well drop under the rescue license provided to PMMC by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

Facility team weighs the dangers of each rescue phone call, claimed PMMC spokeswoman Krysta Higuchi.

“It can not be as well unsafe for our team to head out there,” she said. “We alert NOAA as well as they trust us under our authorization to make those security judgment calls. If we wouldn’t have had John and also Rachel, we wouldn’t have actually gone out.”

The Stanalands both claimed they admire the efforts of the oil rig worker.

“I seem like he went above and beyond,” Rachel Stanaland claimed. “He’s there functioning hard in the center of the sea and he paid interest to a sea lion that hadn’t relocated a while, then he reached out to PMMC.”

The Laguna Beach facility was started in 1971 as Pals of the Sea Lion, by a lifeguard, a senior high school science educator and a vet. It is accountable for saving and rehabilitating marine mammals along 53 miles of Orange County coastline. Since those very early years, its mission has actually increased with support from personal contributors, structure agents as well as community leaders from throughout Southern California.

Considering That November, PMMC has rescued 24 sea lion dogs born last summertime on the Channel Islands rookeries. Three, located in November, have been released. The facility also has an elephant seal yearling.

Meatball, a women sea lion saved from Laguna Beach in January, is mosting likely to a brand-new residence at Blank Park Zoo in Des Moines, Iowa. She’s seen here right before her transfer from the Pacific Marine Mammal Center. (Politeness of PMMC)

One sea lion puppy, which the center saved in Laguna Beach on Jan. 24 and also named Meatball, was deemed non-releasable back to the wild by NOAA and also was placed in Space Park Zoo in Des Moines, Iowa.

Rachel Stanaland remembers Meatball’s rescue, which started when the owner of a beachfront residence in South Laguna reported seeing an infant sea lion not moving. The rescue group dropped high stairs to reach her.

“When we obtained her into the net, she ultimately relocated,” Rachel Stanaland stated.

She was admitted as well as dealt with for deep puncture injuries, an upper respiratory system tract infection, poor nutrition and also dehydration. Over months of recovery, the facility’s team noted she had a failure to eat fish.

Rachel Stanaland described her as a picky as well as careful eater.

“She would only eat very tiny herring as well as they had to be fresh from the refrigerator,” she claimed. “You had to pick the ones that had their mouths shut. She would not consume the ones with open mouths.”

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